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Nation’s First Premium Diamond Website Launches for Business.

Passionfirediamonds.com has launched a new E-commerce site which is the first of its kind. It is the only premium- meaning perfectly cut – diamond brand, available online at reduced prices. “Our new site combines the best aspects of Blue Nile- making diamonds affordable over the internet, and Hearts on Fire- a premium cut diamond brand,” says Master Gemologist David Nygaard, founder and visionary for the new concept.

“Brands are promises to deliver the same quality standards consistently over time,” says Nygaard. “Passion Fire Diamonds have the highest and best cutting standards recognized by the diamond industry, AGS ideal proportions, perfect Hearts and Arrows symmetry and exceptional polish graded at ten times the industry standard magnification.”

Diamond cutting has been the most elusive aspect yet the most important characteristic to understanding value in diamonds. By setting rigorous cutting standards for each diamond, a client no longer needs to guess what his diamond purchase will look like when he orders it “blindly” on line. Now, he can know exactly what he is buying and what it will look like, using modern technology. Every diamond is scanned with a Sarin Machine- a machine which uses a laser to accurately measure each of the 144 angles and 58 facets of a diamond. The measurements are then inputted into sophisticated software introduced by Octo Nus this year, to evaluate the proportions of the cut as well as the optical symmetry. The final aspect is polish, and each diamond is personally certified by a Master Gemologist Appraiser for exceptional polish at 100X magnification under a binocular microscope. The GIA Gem Trade Lab only uses ten times magnification.

Passion Fire Diamonds offer incredible savings of up to half price over similar branded diamonds which have only been available for purchase at traditional bricks and mortar retail jewelers.

About Passion Fire Diamonds

PassionFireDiamonds.com is a division of David Nygaard Fine Jewelers which maintains a full service Custom Jewelry retail location in Chesapeake, VA and several online properties including www.PassionFireDiamonds.com and a related blog www.PassionFireDiamondsBlog.com.

In addition to the corporate website located at www.DavidNygaardFineJewelers.com, the Company also maintains a second eCommerce site located at https://secure.davidnygaard.com.

A site featuring humorous videos depicting the human condition is located at www.GottaLockThatDown.com (no link – you are already here)

An industry information site maintained by David Nygaard is located at www.JewelersInformationSource.com.

David Nygaard also maintains a personal blog located at www.TheNygaardStory.com

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